I will make lists of my meal plans as a way of inspiring you and showing you where I find my inspiration :) if I make a good interpretation of the dish I will add pictures or you can find them on my Instagram @emilsn91
  1. Monday: pea soup
  2. Tuesday: Moroccan styled chicken served with cous cous
  3. Wednesday: Aubergine daal
  4. Thursday: salmon with soy and honey marinated veggies
    I was inspired by Haste's Kitchen's video: https://youtu.be/KN7kwfCnPSI
  5. Friday: fish cakes with salat
    I just made from the top of my head
  6. Saturday: parsley and garlic sausages with salad
    I got these homemade sausages from a guy from work. So much better then store bought
  7. Sunday: leftovers