It's likely that @tothemaxxx first introduced me to the existence of the List App over dim sum on a Sunday last winter -- So it took me at least six months from point of introduction to point of joining for the following reasons:
  1. Technical difficulties
    After I received my invitation to join the list app, I considered the fact that my phone was getting on in years -- in desperate need of an update but with no disk space available to do so!! It was a 4, and I hadn't even updated to the new operating system. The log-in screen on my phone was a square grid - not the circles; not my thumbprint! Can you imagine? Every time I took a photo, it said there wasn't enough space. I was nervous that a new app might not work on this old machine.
  2. I didn't even try to install it at first.
    Even though I was wildly excited by a venue in which to share lists -- THE LIST! The love of my life!! -- I didn't even try to install the app.
  3. I receive immense amounts of spam that pushed the invitation out of sight.
    I try to be that person who has a well-kept inbox, but sometimes deleting spam gets very tedious and important emails, such as the invitation to join the list app, are lost in the tumultuous current of travelzoo and shutterfly sale notifications. Over time, the invitation was buried deeper and deeper in my inbox, awaiting a response. It was gone, but not entirely forgotten; I thought of it maybe once or twice over the past six months.
  4. I got a new phone, but I had forgotten about the App by then.
    I was mostly impressed with newly being able to record videos in slow motion.
  5. I was watching Jenny Hval perform.
    Max reminded me via text that I had a pending List App invitation. I received the text after Jenny Hval's opening band finished their set. Their set had filled me with a happy nostalgia that I was still recovering from. Anyway, I did a quick search through my inbox and found the invitation. At long last! The stars aligned. Me with my new phone and pending invitation. So here I am now. Hello.