Weekends in Burly post-college are usually a whirlwind, obviously this list consists of mostly food and drink establishments..
  1. Magnolia's Bistro
    The best breakfast/brunch place in Burlington. Do it, you won't regret it.
  2. Red Onion Cafe
  3. UVM hockey games
    Spiked coffee, drunken college kids..boy do I miss it.
  4. New Moon Cafe
  5. Club Metronome
    Where all of my 90's dreams come true free of charge after 11pm. Disclaimer: there are things there that you cannot un-see
  6. Maple creamies on the waterfront
  7. Cocktails @ The Farmhouse
    Where I would drink all the citizen ciders in fancy glasses until the tap house opened
  8. Citizen Cider Tasting Room