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Boston-Area Craigslist edition
  1. "Large size condoms"
    Magnums. They're called magnums.
  2. "Handmade bible stand"
    What would your mother say if she knew about this?
  3. "FREE empty DVD cases"
    Oh thank god. I was wondering where I'd be able to find those.
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  1. if the rhetoric used during this campaign has made you afraid;
  2. if you fear for your ability to control your own body, to marry whomever you love, to pursue your dreams;
  3. if your voice has been stripped away by the espousal of sexism, racism, and xenophobia;
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  1. "that makes me smart."
    Where is the supporting evidence? 0/100.
  2. "believe me."
    Argument not well-defended. 0/100.
  3. "she doesn't have the look; the stamina."
    Incomplete assessment of the author's character development. 0/100.
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  1. Gentrification
    cage free gummy worms and locally sourced sour patch kids!
  2. Party Hard Starter Pack™
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing Wheaties Box
    thx Obama
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  1. haha no
  3. Jesus Christ can we please not
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two-for-one stocking stuffers, folks!
  1. Bristle Free Grill Brush
    Back massager
  2. Foodie Dice
    Inspiration for kinky role-play ("why yes; I'd love to sauté your beef")
  3. Himalayan Salt Plank Scrubber Brush
    Pedicure foot file tool
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  1. Attending Bible Study at a MegaChurch
  2. Watching re-runs of Grease Live™
  3. Sleeping on a mattress made of cacti
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@michael_circa91 this is seriously wishful thinking, but anything for #TeamMarge
  1. Wizard Jesus was actually in King's Landing during Cersei's Wildfire of Mass Destruction!
  2. Which means that he bore witness to this neon shit show...
  3. And snatched up Marge's flawless face out of the radioactive rubble.
20 more...
  1. Neosporin
    If you buy new tubes on a regular basis you're up to some shady shit and everybody knows it.
  2. Mouthwash
    But...I'm just gonna spit it out anyways??
  3. Pickles
    These, along with cockroaches, will be the only things to survive nuclear warfare.
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