🎈it's my b-day, y'all🎈
  1. Violets are my favorite flower.
    Violets are also called 'pansies,' which comes from the French word 'pensée,' meaning 'thought.' I like to think that, if thought were a flower, it would be a violet.
  2. I'm a pretty handy gal and would always rather learn how to fix a new problem myself than call a repairman.
    I've spent countless hours with my dad on our family farm repairing old cars, driving bulldozers, welding, and building fence.
  3. My recipe for emotional reset is as follows:
    Make a large cup of rosehip and mint tea, light some lavender-scented candles, sit in a warm bubble bath, call my mom, and read a good book. This is perhaps the strongest representation of my INFJ personality type.
  4. I find great solace in attending concerts alone.
    I've seen all of my favorites solo: Dawes, Vetiver, Ray LaMontagne, Night Beds, Bahamas. Music hits me in a place that exceeds the bounds of language and decorum, and I find it liberating to experience music as an isolated being. I also love attending concerts with people that I hold dear, don't get me wrong, but I'm not afraid of a little solo attendance here and there.
  5. All of my emotions are hard-wired to my tear ducts. Overjoyed? Tears. Devastated? Tears. Terrified? Tears.
    I used to hate this about myself, but I'm moving toward a place of acceptance and love. I like to think of this as vulnerability in its most naked form, and I'm still getting acquainted with the power that can accompany this sort of raw vulnerability.
  6. I am bilingual in English and Spanish.
    I've lived in both Spain and America. I hope to learn German next!
  7. I prefer the mountains to the beach.
    There's just something about fresh mountain air, tranquil forest sounds, and the smell of pine trees.
  8. I have never attended a professional football or basketball game.
    But have been to over 30 rodeos! Thanks, Texas!
  9. I'd love to get a potter's wheel!
    I'm still waiting for Swayze to sensually embrace me while I'm seated at the wheel.
  10. You can often find me painting in my home studio.
    I use the same easel that my mom gave me when I turned 13. It's a trooper!
  11. My worst self emerges when I am playing (and losing) Monopoly.
    I curse like a sailor; I throw the money on the ground. Word of warning: don't bust this game out when I'm meeting your parents.
  12. I think that gray hair is elegant as hell, and I look forward to fully embracing it when the time comes.
    Friends have stopped me on multiple occasions from dyeing it gray right now.
  13. The smell of gardenia has a magical ability to calm me down.
    My grandmother grew them on a trellis in her backyard. Whenever I visited her as a child, we'd prune them together and make a fresh bouquet for the dinner table.
  14. Zero tattoos, zero piercings,zero broken bones, zero fractures or tears, and zero surgeries.
    I rocked braces from age 12-15, though, and currently rock the glasses!
  15. Often I fantasize about an alternate life in which I live in Palm Springs and design posters/album art for my favorite bands.
    I throw kickass pool parties; my home is sexy, sleek, and exudes midcentury modernism; and Jason Schwartzmann sleeps with me on a regular basis.
  16. I'm photography-illiterate
    But hope to one day learn the tricks of the trade. I dream of owning old cameras, developing film, and caring deeply about proper lighting. Maybe this is a romanticized image of photography, but I ache for it.
  17. Fruits and vegetables bring me a sort of joy that most people find bizarre.
    Y'all. I get jazzed as HELL about fresh greens. I want to learn more about gardening and one day grow my own organic fruits and vegetables. Pineapple is my favorite fruit and brussels sprouts are my favorite veggie!
  18. After my grandfather's passing, I inherited his record collection. I sometimes feel like an asshole for being young and also into vinyl, but I can't fight it.
    I'm constantly adding to his collection and searching for old records.
  19. My greatest fears in life are the open ocean and the cosmos. These are also the two things that mesmerize and fascinate me more than life itself.
    A more crippling fear, though, is the fear that I will find myself- thirty years down the line- wishing that I had had the courage to pursue an unconventional path.
  20. Religious evangelism scares the hell out of me.
    Nothing inherently against the people, but something inherently against the practice.
  21. It's hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I disagree with something.
    I thrive on healthy debate, though! Nothing saddens me more than the inability of those with whom I disagree to engage in constructive dialogue. Complete dismissal of differing viewpoints makes me viscerally uncomfortable.
  22. I feel most like myself when wearing a summer dress, strappy flat sandals, my glasses, and lipstick.
    Never have I understood the appeal of loungewear or athletic wear when not engaging in exercise.