Most people have crushes on the obviously handsome, like John Krasinski or one of those Hemsworths. But not me. I've got a big-time crush on Al.
  1. Hipster Al
    Giving that Hozier guy a run for his $$
  2. Dapper Al
    F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Fashion.
    Bet you use AquaNet to keep that sexy curl in place
  4. Glitz n Glam Al
    It's important to never take yourself too seriously!!
  5. Al, the Guy Next Door
    You can tie me up with those suspenders, big guy.
  6. Sporty Al
    I'll catch whatever you're pitching.
  7. Al. Just Al.
    Cuter than Ira Glass.
  8. 'Wait, wait, wait-fame isn't all it's cracked up to be' Al
    Oh Al! You slay me! You're one of us!
    Ready for that game of hide n seek whenever you are
  10. Al as Mr. T
    Hard to spot you in that camo, Al! Nice try!
  11. Chef Al
    I bet you can beat Bobby Flay and not brag about it when you inevitably compete on the celebrity edition of Chopped
  12. Serious Al
    Penny for your thoughts, good sir
  13. Al with meat!
    Yum x10
  14. Al and his lesser known sidekick, Pancake Al
    I'll take a short stack of YOU
  15. Al with hair!
    Still cute.
  16. Al without hair.
  17. Silly n Playful Al
    Hahahaha good one! I know you only think dogs are cute if they're too big to sit on your lap!
  18. Al, straight CHILLIN
    Yep, I'd U.S. Open and Chill with you.
  19. Gingerbread Al
    Only if I can eat the gumdrop buttons one by one
  20. Al, the Orange Dreamsicle
    The best flavor of Popsicle
  21. Al the Coffee Addict
    Be careful, Ally Poo! Too much caffeine is hazardous to your renal system!
  22. Al, Apple of Stamos' Eye
    Too. Much. Hunk. For. One. Picture.
  23. Vacation Al
    You've perfected the sorority squat, I see.
  24. #safetyfirst Al
    Safety is v important and Al truly cares about setting a good example!
    Ain't nobody else even coming close.