Most people have crushes on the obviously handsome, like John Krasinski or one of those Hemsworths. But not me. I've got a big-time crush on Al.
  1. Hipster Al
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    Giving that Hozier guy a run for his $$
  2. Dapper Al
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    F.A.S.H.I.O.N. Fashion.
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    Bet you use AquaNet to keep that sexy curl in place
  4. Glitz n Glam Al
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    It's important to never take yourself too seriously!!
  5. Al, the Guy Next Door
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    You can tie me up with those suspenders, big guy.
  6. Sporty Al
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    I'll catch whatever you're pitching.
  7. Al. Just Al.
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    Cuter than Ira Glass.
  8. 'Wait, wait, wait-fame isn't all it's cracked up to be' Al
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    Oh Al! You slay me! You're one of us!
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    Ready for that game of hide n seek whenever you are
  10. Al as Mr. T
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    Hard to spot you in that camo, Al! Nice try!
  11. Chef Al
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    I bet you can beat Bobby Flay and not brag about it when you inevitably compete on the celebrity edition of Chopped
  12. Serious Al
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    Penny for your thoughts, good sir
  13. Al with meat!
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    Yum x10
  14. Al and his lesser known sidekick, Pancake Al
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    I'll take a short stack of YOU
  15. Al with hair!
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    Still cute.
  16. Al without hair.
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  17. Silly n Playful Al
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    Hahahaha good one! I know you only think dogs are cute if they're too big to sit on your lap!
  18. Al, straight CHILLIN
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    Yep, I'd U.S. Open and Chill with you.
  19. Gingerbread Al
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    Only if I can eat the gumdrop buttons one by one
  20. Al, the Orange Dreamsicle
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    The best flavor of Popsicle
  21. Al the Coffee Addict
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    Be careful, Ally Poo! Too much caffeine is hazardous to your renal system!
  22. Al, Apple of Stamos' Eye
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    Too. Much. Hunk. For. One. Picture.
  23. Vacation Al
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    You've perfected the sorority squat, I see.
  24. #safetyfirst Al
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    Safety is v important and Al truly cares about setting a good example!
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    Ain't nobody else even coming close.