A random assortment of the mundane things that bring me joy and thus deserve recognition
  1. Free samples at Costco
    And the employees who simply smile when you come back for round 2 (or 3...or 4)
  2. Strangers who say "have a good one!" when leaving the elevator
  3. Long-lost tubes of Chapstick that resurface in pockets of old sweaters and jackets
  4. Coffee shops that offer fake sugar in all four varieties: pink, blue, green, and yellow
  5. Pull-through parking spots
    Elusive, fleeting, and 10x more valuable
  7. Correctly guessing if the door is push or pull
  8. Uncapping an old Sharpie and discovering that it hasn't run out of ink
  9. Achieving the perfect milk-to-cereal ratio on the first pour
  10. Open-mindedness, and the wealth of knowledge we amass by engaging in dialogue with people whose opinions differ from our own