this year's hottest rappers can be found in the aisles of your local supermarket
  1. Young Coconut
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    Debut album. Fresh sound.
  2. Little Debbie
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    Stand back, Nicki.
  3. Slim Jim
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    Don't let his looks fool you. This guy has seen some shit.
  4. Special K
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    No description necessary.
  5. Honey Smack
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    Known for his soulful reimagining of R&B classics
  6. Mike & Ike
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    Salt n Peppa, 2.0
  7. Izze
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    International pop sensation
  8. Premium OG
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    Pure, unfettered, ORIGINAL
  9. Double Stuf
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    Twice as good as his predecessor, Single Stuf
  10. Nilla
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    Don't fuck with this guy.