1. The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA
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    Complete with original architecture and authentic glass, this ceiling fills the space with light, color and warmth. It’s improved upon, historic perfection.
  2. Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL
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    There's a 38 foot Tiffany glass dome, the largest one of its kind in the world, in Preston Bradley Hall. It's ornate, austere, and utterly breathtaking.
  3. City Hall Subway Station in NYC, NY
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    Romanesque revival architecture at its most refined. There are three skylights of cut amethyst glass, first installed in 1904. Sweet God, it's dignified.
  4. The Proverbial One
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    Maternity and paternity leave are not yet equal. Women still early 23 cents less than men for every dollar they earn. Males still dominate top positions at companies across the globe. This is one glass ceiling that needs to be shattered, rather than restored and preserved.