Graduation Caps That The World NEVER Asked For

but that it plagued us with nonetheless
  1. for that person who hates readable text but also loves glitter
  2. for that person who instagrams lattees w/ the caption "espresso yourself"
  3. for that person whose motto is "more is more"
  4. for the European traveler who spends approx. 3 days in each city
  5. for the adult who's still *young at heart*
  6. for the kid who thinks he's hilarious
  7. for that person who's still trying to make fetch happen
  8. for the person who models for that boutique her aunt owns
  9. for that kid who can't actually name all 4 of the Beatles
  10. for the gal who asked you to help fund to her mission trip in Fiji
  11. for the girl who skipped her psych exam to go to Coachella