A collection of people who accurately define 'my type,' and the dinners they'd most likely prepare for our steamy, delicious, anniversary
  1. Daniel Dae Kim // bibimbap and kimchi salad
    He laughs at me as I struggle to get a good hold on my chopsticks. Noodles slip down my chin and I make a mess of the starched, white dress I'm wearing. "Here, let me show you," he says as he guides my fingers around the long wooden sticks. "Just as my father taught me."
  2. Gael Garcia Bernal // shrimp ceviche and lobster tostadas
    He wraps his arms around me from behind and guides my hand as I chop fresh cilantro. We eat outside, under a blanket of stars, as he recalls life in Guadalajara. He smiles with his eyes as he tells me to not worry about clearing the table.
  3. Cary Joji Fukunaga // onigiri
    We're making rice balls at my place because he likes my modest home decor. "This is a traditional recipe that I learned while I lived in Japan," he grumbles as he peers at me through the top of his glasses. I suck at making these little ball things, though, so I sit at the bar and watch him expectantly as he, the artist, is at work.
  4. Javier Bardem // paella and gazpacho
    "Mi amor," he says into my ear as I stir the gazpacho, "you truly are good with your hands." His giant hands take the spoon from mine as he gives me a glass of vino tinto from the vineyard that we visited together last fall.
  5. Matthew Gray Gubler // homemade pizza with lemon arugula salad
    While we make the dough from scratch, he accidentally sends flour flying across the galley kitchen and onto the tip of my button nose. He saunters over and lets his hand rest on my nose a beat too long. I giggle. The chemistry is so electric that we say, "fuck the pizza" and settle for a bowl of Fruity Pebbles instead.
  6. Manish Dayal // wild mushroom risotto with roasted figs
    "This recipe comes all the way from my great grandmother, who grew figs in the small orchard just beyond her house," he softly says as he places a roasted fig in my mouth. The candlelight hits his jawline just so and, for a moment, I forget who I am.
  7. Shemar Moore // pan seared scallops with bacon cream sauce
    Marvin Gaye hums on in the background as the scallops sizzle and hiss. He's wearing nothing but an apron, and I walk up to him slowly and untie it. He takes the scallops off the burner and whispers "this is quite distracting, Em..."
  8. John Cho // double double from In-n-Out
    We laugh as some lettuce spills out from the side of my burger at the drive-in. The faint light of "When Harry Met Sally" peers through the front windshield as he leans across the center console, brushes his thumb against the corner of my lip, and whispers, "you've got some special sauce there..."