I was so inspired by @timc and his journey with meditation that I decided to give it a go myself.
  1. In the past, I've meditated sporadically and without a sturdy sense of motivation.
    I'd find myself sitting still for 5 minutes here or there in an attempt to alleviate the anxieties weighing heavily on my mind.
  2. In the present, I find myself in serious need of grounding.
    I have a knack for projecting into the future and eagerly awaiting that which comes next. This makes the present quite Teflon - I have a hard time gripping it and staying focused on the here and now.
  3. In the future, I hope to embrace meditation as an integral part of my self-care.
    Neither happiness nor sadness is permanent, and meditation is about accepting the fleeting nature of our emotions by grounding ourselves in perspective.
  4. Stay tuned!
    Many thanks to the ListApp community for sharing their positive experiences with meditation! Y'all have taught me that we all have the time and the motivation to take care of ourselves. I see this journey as a step in the direction of self-love and self-sacrifice, and I can't wait to learn about myself and the world around me.