1. Key Lime Lust-ard Pie
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    Lime flavored frozen custard with chunks of shortbread cookies and candied lime rinds
  2. Lavender Glutt-honey
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    Smooth lavender ice cream with honey-coated vanilla beans
  3. Wrath-berry Cheesecake
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    White chocolate custard with dark chocolate shavings and a very berry raspberry ribbon
  4. Butter-Sloth Pudding
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    Creamy butterscotch base with frozen banana bits, candied pecans, and a gooey caramel swirl
  5. Chocolate Greed-nut Butter Cup
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    Rich milk chocolate ice cream with bite-sized peanut butter cups and a creamy peanut butter swirl
  6. Kahlua Toff-Envy
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    Coffee-flavored custard with Heath bar toffee clusters and milk-chocolate almonds
  7. Coconut Cream-Pride
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    Coconut custard with velvety smooth Bavarian cream and pie crust pieces swirled in