A collection of some of my favorite bands that, I hypothesize, tout eponymous strains of weed.
  1. "Riverside Voodoo"
    Uplifting, creative, and perfect for group listening, this band hails from the temperate region of Oxford, Mississippi.
  2. "100 Watt Horse"
    Energizing, revitalizing, and ideal for road-trip listening, this band was grown in the hot, humid climate of Atlanta, Georgia.
  3. "Lavender Diamond"
    Shadowy, spacey, and perfect for intergalactic time-travel listening, this multi-dimensional group comes to us from the arid desert climate of Los Angeles, California.
  4. "Moon Taxi"
    Deliciously progressive, fresh, and lively, this band hails from the humid subtropical zone of Nashville, Tennessee.
  5. "Bright Eyes"
    Sedating, relaxing, and ideal for full-body listening, this band is straight out of the wide open plains of Omaha, Nebraska.
  6. "Sea Wolf"
    Ataractic, numbing, and poised for rainy-day listening, this group also comes from the moderate, subtropical climate of Los Angeles, California.
  7. "Mandolin Orange"
    Wistful, contemplative, and poised for easy independent listening, this group comes from the Appalachian region of North Carolina.