I'm ready for Hillary!! *and for her signature tailored, knee-length, funky jackets*
  1. Perfect for an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in which she talks about snapchatting with her supporters!
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  2. Stunning with a classy tailored pant and some gloves that she probably knitted herself because she's a grandmother now, y'all!
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  3. Nothing says, "I'm down with millennial voters" like funky color-blocks!
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  4. Zig zags draws the eye up to Hill's coiffed new 'do
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  5. This is refined, classy, and shows up great on camera. Perfect for Skype sessions with Vladimir!
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  6. Will hide the red wine spills when she binge watches Scandal.
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  7. Doubles as her night gown!
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  8. For a rally in New Hampshire, most likely
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  9. Only to be worn on special occasions, such as when she grabs drinks with Bernie's wife, Jane
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  10. Ideal for an early morning appearance, such as Live! With Kelly and Michael
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  11. To be worn on casual everyday outings, such as when she takes Bill on leash to the dog park
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  12. Glamor. Glitz. Shine. Prepped for a screening of the HBO film Game Change with supporters in Iowa
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  13. DEBATE READY! Watch out Bernie "Feel the Bern" Sanders and Martin "I'd Tap That" O'Malley!
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