I may not have won any popularity awards in public school, but I most definitely won the award for Most Badass Food Carriers. *some pictures found online, as a few of these lunchboxes are still in my parents' home and not currently with me*
  1. Human Organ lunchbox
    Journals I've written in through the years are currently living here. They're vital, just like my organs! Get it?!
  2. Sriracha lunchbox
    The storage site for the four harmonicas I neglected to learn how to play
  3. Dr. Who lunchbox
    The current home of every pair of eyeglasses I've ever owned
  4. Hello Kitty lunchbox
    Currently a storage receptacle for half-empty tubes of lipstick and mascara
  5. OG Disney princess lunchbox
    Now full of birthday cards and thank you notes I've received over the years
  6. Peanuts and Co. Lunchbox
    A mix CD graveyard, outfitted with old classics like 'EmmyLiz's Party Mixx' and 'Birthday Tunes!'
  7. Wizard of Oz lunchbox
    Every school ID I've ever possessed now lays face-down in this plastic box, along with the locks I used on my school lockers
  8. The Coolest Star Wars Lunchbox Ever™
    All of my ticket stubs from concerts, shows, events, and public transportation are stuffed into this little tin box
  9. Rosie the Riveter lunchbox
    Lube, condoms, sex toys, etc. This is the fun box for MY fun box, kiddos.