1. Buying a used jigsaw puzzle at Half Priced Books to find that one single piece is missing
    Now I can't send a picture of the final product to my friends and family. SO MUCH FOR HARD WORK AND SPATIAL AWARENESS
  2. Going to brew a pot of coffee and realizing that you're out of filters
    This is Satan at work
  3. Ordering apps at a restaurant, then having them delivered only minutes before the main course
    Can I get a refund on these mozzarella sticks, please?
  4. Pulling into a parking space to discover that a mint green Fiat has already staked its claim
  5. Yanking the price tag off of an item of clothing to find that the little plastic thingy is still in tact
    The whole point was to NOT have to search for a pair of goddam scissors
  6. Biting into a big juicy apple only to be bombarded by something mealy and soft
    Say hello to the garbage because that's where this produce is going
  7. Logging on to an establishment's wifi to find out that you must like their Facebook page for access
    Ugh I don't want Kelly the co-worker to know that I'm in her neighborhood but didn't bother inviting her to this cafe with me
  8. Wrapping yourself burrito-style on the couch to realize that the remote is just out of reach
    At this point I should probably just take a nap
  9. Getting your headphone wire caught on something and having one or both of the earbuds yanked out
    Not only am I in pain, but there is now no musical accompaniment to my misery
  10. Throwing something in the garbage long-distance, missing, and having to walk over and pick it up
    Walk of shame
  11. Attempting to squirt mustard on your hot dog but discovering that you're squirting liquid condiment juice and just wetting the bun instead
    Mustard pre-cum