A very straightforward effort to catalogue my taste and expose my inner self to the List family!
  1. Top 5 Movies
    Beginners, Away We Go, Wish I Was Here, Liberal Arts, Big Fish
  2. Top 5 Books I've Read
    "We The Animals," Justin Torres; "This Is How You Lose Her," Junot Díaz; "Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?" Dave Eggers; "Between the World and Me," Ta-Nehisi Coates; "Come To The Edge," Christina Haag
  3. Top 5 Places I've Visited
    San Sebastián (Spain), Gimmelwald (Switzerland), Istanbul (Turkey), Cinque Terre (Italy), Portland (Oregon, U.S.A.)
  4. Top 5 Concerts I've Attended
    Bahamas, Ray Lamontagne, Dawes, Alabama Shakes, Vetiver
  5. Top 5 Foods
    Green olives, pineapple, gruyere cheese, blueberries, pistachios
  6. Top 5 Shows
    30 Rock, The Office, The Leftovers, Broad City, Togetherness
  7. Top 5 Drinks
    Sweet tea, Vanilla Coke Zero, strawberry lemonade, red wine, water
  8. Top 5 Places I've Lived
    San Francisco (CA), Madrid (Spain), Phoenix (AZ), Houston (TX), Belize City (Belize)
  9. Top 5 Things to Do with My Free Time
    Paint, work at my potter's wheel, walk/jog/run, play dominoes, read outside