Trends of the late 90s/early 2000s that elicit such phrases as "the good old days" and "way back when"
  1. Milky Pens
    Perfect for doodling on the back of construction paper, playing epic MASH games, and making friends
  2. Roller Blading
    I'll bring the new NSYNC cd if you bring the new 98 degrees one. I have a portable Walkman, so we can jam as we blade.
  3. Tamagotchis
    Sorry Kimmy, I can't go to the mall tonight. My Tamagotchi is in a critical developmental stage and if I don't feed it every hour on the hour it will disintegrate into the great unknown.
  4. Slap Bracelets
    The only accessory/gift that makes it okay to inflict pain upon another as a sign of selfless love
  5. Kid Pix
    Days when you could play this in computer class>>
  6. Butterfly Hair Clips
    The cool girls had the ones that were coated in an iridescent film, and the super cool girls had the ones that shed glitter
  7. Furbies
    You're not afraid of the dark, you say? What about now that this half-owl-half-hamster is hanging out in the corner with glowing eyes?
  8. Whatever the hell these things are
    Teaching teens to perfect the art of the hand job since 1994
  9. Platform sneakers
    Suggested by   @colleenpagaard
  10. Pogs and the other part of pogs? Slammers I think?
    Suggested by   @colleenpagaard
  11. Ring toss.
    Oddly enough, I can still remember how it felt pressing those buttons.
    Suggested by   @khaleesi
  12. Moon Shoes
    Mini trampolines on your feet? Entertainment for hours.
    Suggested by   @brykelley