1. Sometimes I find comfort in thinking that each of us individually is actually a tiny cell in a larger being, which I will call "Giant."
  2. We each have tiny organelles, and we collectively exist in this larger organ of Earth, which is in the space of the Milky Way in our particular quadrant of the Galaxy, which is just some limb of the Giant's body.
  3. It's interesting to think that our own cells might have some kind of intention in movement--that they think about their actions, just as we do, as they go on performing their day-to-day cellular activities.
  4. It's cute to imagine my cells moving around, basically of their own accord, without me consciously controlling their direction.
  5. Things somehow fall into place.
  6. For the most part, everything works out without my having to do anything at all.
  7. Perhaps this is hindsight bias stealing the microphone, but I think life tends to work out this way, too.
  8. The world is but a carefree oyster in the Galaxy Sea.
  9. And we can extrapolate great meaning from the scientific function of these bodies that we call home:
  10. Consider, for instance, that the old, senescent cells in our body must die in a controlled manner through apoptosis in order for the body to move forward.
    Failure before success.
  11. Or that dendrites, the sensory portions of neurons that receive signals from other cells in the nervous system, are more branched and numerous than axons, which transmit action potentials/messages received to the next cell.
    We have two ears and one mouth; we should listen more than we speak.
  12. Or that, in muscles, relaxation following contraction can only occur when ATP is hydrolyzed and energy is consumed.
    Sometimes we must make conscious and concentrated efforts to disengage and relax.
  13. Or, most broadly, that every cell in our body must work in conjunction with the others, communicating, signaling, protecting, or even digesting other cells for the good of the body in general.
    Working together is at times difficult, but it is the only way to affect real, positive change
  14. Harrowingly beautiful metaphors exist all over the material world.
  15. Metaphors that liken our physical selves to our spiritual and emotional selves. Metaphors that convey impermanence.
  16. Our bodies are themselves impermanent.
  17. Hair and nails grow. Guts expand and contract. Hearts beat. We ingest and expel substances. Neuronal connections in the brain are formed and then extinguished. Every moment, a generation of cells die and a new generation of cells is born into existence.
  18. Our job here as tiny cells, which collectively comprise this organ called Earth, which resides somewhere within a larger Giant being, is to find beauty and peace in this impermanence.
  19. Enjoy this gift of today, for there will never be another one quite like it.