...and it will be the best Valentine's Day you've ever had. Here's a schedule you can follow to make your day not suck!
  1. 8:30am - get your ass out of bed and go for a long walk
    The world is a great, big, beautiful place! It's kind of cold? So what. Sort of rainy? So what. Hot and humid? SO WHAT. Get outside; take those headphones out; and listen to/look at the beauty that surrounds you, ya fool.
  2. 10:00am - shut your mind off for awhile and meditate in your happy place
    Taking 20 minutes to sit still and detach yourself from the stressors of adulthood is good for your wellbeing! So find a place that is relaxing for you, shut those big beautiful eyes, and float away for awhile. Take as long as you need, because today is your day and you don't have to compromise with anyone.
  3. 12:00pm - drive to your favorite lunch spot in town and treat yourself to a tasty solo lunch
    Resist the urge to read or listen to music while you dine. Instead, try actively interacting with the world around you. People watch! Talk with your waiter! Take your food to go and walk around town while you eat! The important part of this lunch is that you prove to yourself that you don't need anyone else to have fun and enjoy the delicious world around you.
  4. 2:00pm - head over to your favorite bookstore with nothing more than a pen, some paper, and 20 bucks
    Make a list of all the wonderful, exciting, intriguing books that you hope to read! Refer back to this list whenever you're wanting to find a new book, because you were in a state of full self-love and relaxation when you made it. Buy yourself one book from your list. You'll need it later tonight.
  5. 4:00pm - stop by a coffee shop that you've never been into before and buy yourself whatever the barista recommends
    It doesn't matter if you've never had a London fog before. If the barista recommends it, order it. The world is full of possibilities that we close ourselves off to simply because they're unfamiliar. Exploring all that life has to offer is a lofty goal, but ordering something new at your local café is a pretty good place to start.
  6. 6:00pm - head back home, prop up your feet, and watch the pilot episode of that tv show everyone is talking about but you've never seen
    Even if you hated it, you can now contribute to office chatter about Nathan For You! Win-win!
  7. 6:15pm - put on some music and dance alone in the kitchen
    I've made a playlist that pairs beautifully with the day's events (in my opinion), which you can find here:
  8. 6:20pm - pour yourself a big ass glass of wine. Your dance moves will improve as you drink that glass of wine you poured yourself.
    Give yourself a generous pour because you deserve it, dammit!
  9. 6:30pm - make homemade pasta
    Making pasta from scratch is time consuming. It's messy. It's imperfect. It's delicious. But you know what? So are you.
  10. 7:00pm - set the table beautifully, grab that book you bought earlier, and eat with the best company around: your own mind
    Enjoy the fucking AMAZING pasta you just made without mindless smalltalk. Savor each bite. Take nice big gulps of that wine. Flip the pages of that book. And when you're finished, put the dishes in the sink and DO NOT DO THEM. Leave them for tomorrow.
  11. 8:15pm - light a shit ton of candles and place them around the bath
    Your whole bathroom will take on a sunset luminescence that is guaranteed to relax you. This is your reward for being fucking awesome.
  12. 8:30pm - draw yourself a warm bath and throw in a LUSH bath bomb
    I suggest the LUSH 'Sex Bomb.' It smells like jasmine, sage, and rose, and it makes the bath water milky and wonderful. You're seducing yourself today! Remember this!
  13. 9:30pm - eat dessert because today is a celebration of how wonderful, brave, lovely, independent, and special you are!
    Today is about loving yourself. So celebrate that.
  14. 11:00pm - fall into your fluffy bed, turn out the lights, and fall asleep
    Congratulations on a day well spent! Who needs someone else to make the most of Valentine's Day? Not you.