A quick n dirty guide to some of my favorite under-the-radar locales here in The Bayou City
  1. We've got niche geek bars that have competitive Super Mario night!
  2. And quirky, old music venues that look like traveling circuses!
  3. And hip, funky art galleries!
  4. And trendy, understated, gorgeous museums!
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  5. And cozy, quaint bookstores that nourish the thick veins of Houston's writing community!
  6. And youthful, industrial bars with house-made rose water tonic and 40+ craft beers!
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  7. And bizarre, treasure-filled thrift stores!
  8. And killer nightclubs that are fun and chaotic without beings obnoxious!
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  9. And vibrant, loyal record stores that offer free beer and in-store performances!
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  10. And messy, juicy, tasty Texas barbecue!
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  11. And colorful urban art installations that double as the perfect backdrop for weekend picnics!
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  12. And cool outdoor patios with bocce ball and life-sized Jenga!
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  13. And dressed-up Southern comfort food, like pecan pie shakes and foie gras Mac n cheese!
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  14. And weird art homes that double as landmarks!
  15. And abandoned lots filled with discarded, oversized presidential busts!
  16. And warehouses full of cheap cowboy boots and old men who smell like tobacco!
  17. And neat coffee shops that turn into belly dancing arenas after midnight!
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  18. And dive bars where you can sip American-bred whiskey and play vintage pinball!
  19. And bizarre public art that looks like colorful shits!
  20. And an honest-to-god house made entirely out of beer cans!
  21. And old movie theaters that host Rocky Horror theme nights twice a month!
  22. And the street art to prove just how inspired, hip, tasty, funky, and savvy we are!