The world's largest rodeo is in full swing here in Houston! That means it's time to see what zany carny foods the Texas chefs have fried up this year.
  1. Deep-fried Pop-tarts
    Imagine all your favorite flavors oozing out the side of a sprinkles-covered dough pocket. This is my religion.
  2. Deep-fried Nutella
    my preferred method of Nutella consumption is still half-naked, sitting in bed, out of the jar, with a spoon
  3. Fried Sweet Tea
    because humanity is dead
  4. Deep-fried S'mores
    I'd like this to be the next Girl Scout Cookie flavor. Who do I talk to about making that happen?
  5. Deep-fried bacon-wrapped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    will turn your blood into sludge, but tasty as HELL
  6. Fried Sriracha Balls
    needed to milk one of the cows hanging around inside to combat the spice, but eventually opted against it.
  7. Loaded baked potato stuffed with deep-fried Mac n cheese
    also known as 'deep-fried regret'
  8. Deep-fried strawberry shortcake
    a Texas fair classic. Nothing new here.
  9. Pickle Fries
    when you want both pickles and fries but can't make up your mind...
  10. Deep-fried Snickers
    I peaked the moment I ate this. It's all been downhill since.
  11. Texas-fried chicken in a waffle cone
    sweet God, this is so wrong and so right
  12. Fried avocados with chile con queso
    Texas is sucking the nutrition out of fresh produce like a true champ
  13. Fried PB&J
    a great way to jazz up school lunches!
  14. Fried Kool-Aid Balls
    for when your mouth gets tired of consuming it through a straw in liquid form
  15. Deep-fried Cadbury Egg
    all I need in this life of sin. Don't bother showing up this year, Easter Bunny. You've been out-performed.
  16. Deep-fried chocolate-covered bacon
    too sweet for Ron Swanson; just right for me
  17. Deep-fried butter
    we're all going to hell, y'all
  18. Fried biscuits and gravy
    every Texan's dream