thanks for the fun request, @BWN_7 !
  1. Every non-fiction novel I've started
    boredom strikes 2/3 of the way through
  2. Cheese trays
    don't worry, Swiss. You're not my favorite, but I won't let you be lonely.
  3. Meditation sessions
    my brain wanders and my fingers fidget
  4. My attempts to nurture and sustain a vegetable garden
    I have a knack for killing tomatoes
  5. My collection of short poems
    a work in fucking progress for five years now
  6. Most paintings I've begun
    the longer I sit with them, the more unfinished they feel
  7. Season 1, no matter how fiercely I detest the Pilot
    gotta give it the old college try
  8. That album a friend or co-worker recommended
    so I can honestly and intelligently discuss something that matters to someone else
  9. Bowls of spaghetti, soup, and cereal
    I just really like seeing my reflection in the bottom of the bowl to be honest