1. The Night Of
    Reminder that original ideas, though nice, can sometimes take a step back and let all the nuances of television art shine. Just like writing any story, execution and characters can be enough. And John Turturro compels like no other, eczema and all.
  2. Magazine Subscriptions
    Reminder of preteen years where I tried hard to be into fashion magazines. Today, I was just sick of reading everything on my phone so I decided to throw Allure, The New Yorker, and Vogue into the Conde Nast basket. Genuine interest/pleasure this time around.
  3. Pure Barre
    Actually, not sure if I'd say I'm into it. Everything hurts the day after, though, so I assume it's working to gear up my winter bod my knit sweaters will show off.
  4. First Page of Short Story/Novel (tbd)
    For the first time, I am writing without any direction or even the sense that I understand my character. I don't think I even like her, which is exciting.
  5. Gilmore Girls
    Just finished. Very late to the game I know. This show is exactly half bad and half good. Right now, I may only be leaning towards good because of one line Rory says that I've felt hints of since graduation. Unemployment is scary, but for the first time in my life, I realize I can take whatever first step, all on my own terms. That's freeing. (This is not even close to Rory's phrasing)