By a versa spa machine
  1. Go in and tell the person at the front desk what color you want, the tan only costs about 20-30 dollars.(come in with no lotions or deodorant)
  2. Light= 1 day in the sun medium= a week in the sun (not too extreme) dark= a month in the sun
  3. They will show you how to work your machine and give you a hairnet, towel and usually a tanning enhancing cream
  4. You go into the room alone and you undress to whatever you feel comfortable in
  5. You put your hairnet on but remember to leave 1 inch space between your skin and the hairnet ( the tan will wash out of your hair)
  6. Now put on the tan enhancing cream all over your body
  7. And take the barrier cream that's in the room and put it on the palms of your hands, middle of your fingers and feet, anywhere where you don't want the tan or a harsh line
  8. There should be instructions on the 4 poses you do when you step into the machine
  9. The versa spa will tell you what pose to do
  10. Once your done with pose 4 wait for 2 passes or air and then turn for 2 more passes of air to dry you off
  11. The versa spa is also heated to help dry you off
  12. Once you get out wipe off the barrier cream and if you feel like you aren't dry enough they will provide you with a hair dryer to dry yourself off even more with
  13. Get dressed (you can wear a bra once it's dry)
  14. Go home wash your hands after an hour and get in the shower after 8 hours
  15. Don't sweat or get wet before the 8hours is up or your tan won't last as long
  16. Be sure to moisturize to keep your tan on for up to a month
  17. When you go back remember shave and exfoliate before you go and don't wear and deodorant or lotion the day of your tan
  18. Happy tanning