Sometimes you need your old pals to pick you up when you're down. Of course I'm always listening to music I love, but I haven't pulled these out of the music bag in a while. My music bag is called Spotify.
  1. Tegan and Sara
    So Jealous and If It Was You 👌🏼
  2. onelinedrawing
    An old boyfriend was obsessed, so listening was weird for a while. But I've rediscovered! He has a song called Smile though and I'm like... Haha no sorry Jonah.
  3. Brand New
    Maybe embarrassing? But I still know the words to most songs from Deja Entendu and Your Favorite Weapon because my brain ALWAYS REMEMBERS. I remember trading these albums with a kid in my life science class. We bonded.
  4. Pedro the Lion
    Control and Achilles Heal. David Bazan's voice makes me WARM.
  5. Saves the Day
    Pre- In Reverie (but I include Ups & Downs)