1. When Josh Groban shakes someone's hand, he squeezes it very hard and whispers, "...say mercy...".
  2. Katy Perry collects ancient artifacts, and has been known to travel great distances to find them.
  3. Every night before bed, John Travolta does the Cha Cha song that they play at weddings. When it says "everybody clap your hands", he claps his feet together instead. And all the Thetans roar with laughter.
  4. Emily Blunt loves Jim and Pam role play with John Krasinski. She usually orgasms when John does his shruggy Jim face.
  5. Betty White recently changed her name to 'Fetty White'.
  6. Justin Beiber can't fall asleep unless Usher swaddles him like a baby.
  7. The Pope hates it when people say "Is the Pope Catholic?!" because he questions his beliefs and doesn't appreciate labels.
  8. Tupac is alive and lives in Saskatchewan where he writes Berenstain Bear fan fiction
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  9. Kanye West only eats cinnamon applesauce and requests that all unsweetened jars be turned around so he doesn't see the labels when grocery shopping
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  10. Taylor Swift's cats are method actors and are only in this Instagram gig until they can break through and score a role in the upcoming Cursed Child play 😽
    Suggested by @mirthnuts
  11. DJ Khaled tried fighting a small 12 year old looking child (who's really 19) because she accused him of being the "They" he tells all his fans to watch out for.
    Suggested by @catharuin
  12. Barrack Obama lies to all his family about having watched The Wire.
    Suggested by @curtis
  13. Kanye West bought all of George W. Bush's self portraits for 1.2 mil (chump change for Kanye). Then he burned all the paintings in a massive fire one night outside Bush's bedroom window while singing "Black Skinhead". Bush cried and gripped his heart as he watched from his window.
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    The only pairings Kanye did not destroy was Bush's nude shower painting, which Kanye has hanging above his fire place.
    Suggested by @minabird
  14. Busta Rhymes did the voices for all three aristocats
    Suggested by @chrisgill
  15. Meryl Streep is dating Tye Sheridan
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  16. It's said that Leonardo Dicaprio only farted in public once, ever, in his life in 2nd Grade and it was the most embarrassed he ever was so he's just held it in since. Until Lady Gaga walked past him at the Globes and he finally let out a big one.
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  17. When Kanye shaves Kim's back, she purrs like a walrus.
    Suggested by @averyarnold
  18. Khloe Kardashian and Steve Martin dated briefly, until he let it slip that he was using her to become a DASH Doll. The relationship went up in flames soon after, and he now uses his spare time to run a hate blog about the Kardashian game app.
    Suggested by @averyarnold
  19. Tina Fey came up with the name Liz Lemon when she had 104 degree fever and hallucinated that as a child she had a Stewie shaped head and was mocked with the name Liz Lemon
    Suggested by @emg2613
  20. It is true that Andy Kaufman faked his own death, and he is actually Donald Trump, a character he created as a long-term comedic study.
    Suggested by @moonjockey