I'm very guilty of becoming very concerned for fictional characters
  1. Jon Snow
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    Oh bb. You know nothing, yet you know my heart and how to make it yearn for your presence.
  2. Sansa Stark
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    Girl, you're so strong. You are recognizing your power but you are never in the right place at the right time. All I ever hope for is for you and your siblings to be reunited and somehow for Lady to be alive so you can have your pet back.
  3. Arya Stark
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    Arya, you spicy girl. I hope your eyes are okay. I hope you become as fierce as Breinne of Tarth.
  4. Bran Stark
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    Ugh I hope you're doing what you need to do on your spiritual walkabout in the north. I hope Hodor is Hodoring all over the Hodor for you. I hope Summer protects you and Rickon (where the fuck is Rickon?!)
  5. Ghost
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    Sweet direwolf. Plz save Jon. I love you
  6. Judith Grimes (or Shane's last name?)
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    Seriously always so worried about you baby girl. But you are a badass baby who knows how to stay alive.
  7. Daryl Dixon
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    If you ever die I will be done. Done with it all. Your squinty eyes give me life.
  8. Katniss Everdeen
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    But like, are you ok catnip? You went through A LOT
  9. Crookshanks
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    Are you still alive? How long do pets live in the magic works? If you're still alive, is Hermione still taking care of you?
  10. Hannah Horvath
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    Ugh, you need to get your shit together Hannah. Maybe you have now? Just keep it together.
  11. Ron Weasley
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    When Hermione goes away can you function on your own or do you go back to the Burrow so your mom can take care of you? Because seriously you are only alive because of your mom and Hermione and maybe thanks to Harry but just slightly.