1. This
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    In regard to her husband, John Legend
  2. This
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    She responded to this tweet...
  3. With this
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    Actively replies to the republican candidates with hilarious tweets.
  4. This
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  5. This
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  6. This
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  7. This
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  8. This
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  9. This
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  10. Me too
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  11. Great idea
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  12. Constantly tweets about food
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  13. This
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  14. One of my favorites
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  15. This
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  16. This
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  17. We all remember
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  18. Badass
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  19. Worst nightmare
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  20. Me
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  21. Seriously cool
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  22. Honestly yes
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  23. Who doesn't want that
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  24. This
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  25. Perfect
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  26. 🙌🏼
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  27. This
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  28. ME TOO
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  29. This
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  30. This
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  31. True
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  32. This kills me
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  33. This
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  34. This
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  35. This
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  36. This. Kind of brilliant, John Legend.
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  37. Like a cartoon 🙌🏼
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