This may be the most boring list I've ever done, not because it's a boring request, but rather because it's a boring story.
  1. I dropped out of high school.
    Because I was a rebel.
  2. Then took my GED.
    Because I wasn't that much of a rebel.
  3. Went to community college.
    In Orange County and in San Luis Obispo
  4. Transferred to California State University, Fullerton.
    Because it was close and had the program I wanted.
  5. Got in!
  6. Graduated with my BA in Liberal Studies.
  7. Applied to the MSW program at CSUF.
  8. Got in!
  9. I chose it for convenience, budget, and because it's a good school.
  10. Also, great baseball school.
  11. -Fin-