Appropriate for the season of Halloween. There have been many more costumes, these are the costumes that are important.
  1. Ariel
    I was 5, I didn't wear the wig, my mom made me wear a white cotton turtleneck underneath.
  2. "A house wife"
    I was 11, I got the idea while swinging on the swings. I wore a robe, curlers in my hair, and face cream on my face. Still can't really decide if it's offensive. I really didn't build up that character, was she having a night in?
  3. A cool cat (also been a reg cat at least 5 times)
    I wore a "cool" black outfit and carried Starbucks... I was 19. Please forgive me.
  4. Leslie Knope
    Clearly a winner. I remained in character most of the time. I was 22.
  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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    I was 24. I nailed it. 25% of people understood who I was, which says a lot about the kind of party I was at.
  6. Elaine Benes (this year)
    Really working on my Elaine impression, still need a wig.