1. Anderson Cooper
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    Is it wrong for a 9 year old to be so in love with a silver fox? Maybe not wrong, but it's surely very strange. When my mom told me he was gay I stomped to my room.
  2. A kid named Andrew T.
    He pulled my pony tail once, not hard or in a malicious way. Just kind of a "boop!" It was in kindergarten. As an adult I see the problem with a boy pulling a girls pony tail, but I think as a child getting that random attention from a cute boy was fun? He remained a crush until 3rd grade. I'm loyal.
  3. Robin Hood
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    Obviously. Rebel, hot, cunning, confident, cared about his community... I still get a little warm thinking of him.
  4. Simba/ JTT
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    Another obvious choice.
  5. Westley
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    Ok this is a forever crush. He's the ultimate.
  6. Justin Timberlake
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    Even then. I would lay in bed at night and imagine that NSYNC would come to my house and ask that I, a 11 year old girl, would come on tour with them. Eventually I would turn 18 and Justin would realize his love for me.
  7. Benny Rodriguez
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    Nice to the underdog, good at sports, lots of friends, confident, diamonds in his beautiful eyes
  8. Matthew Lawrence
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    He's a middle child, I'm a middle child. He's the original Zac Efron.
  9. A kid named Sean D.
    3rd grade. He was really funny but not in an obvious way. He was sarcastic and said things under his breath. And he was smart. Now he smokes way too much weed and is kind of a bro. So, guess he peaked in 3rd grade.
  10. NPH
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    Yeah... I had crushes on a lot of gay men. Maybe because my brother also had crushes on them and we were very close? And he's gay.
  11. Kirk Cameron
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    Maybe it was his care free attitude or his looks. I'm not positive my crush had gone away either
    Suggested by @libby92
  12. Han Solo
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  13. Oliver Wood
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    "This...is a quaffle"
    Suggested by @paigeclaudette
  14. Dick Van Dyke as the Chimney sweep
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  15. Adam West as Bruce Wayne
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  16. Mike from the Monkees
    I don't get it
    Suggested by @mmthompson