¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't explain them sometimes. I don't have a type. But DAMN, HI.
  1. Evan Peters
    "Hi I'm dead, wanna make out?" I hate that he's dating Emma Roberts, who has beat the shit out of him. He seems like a good guy to watch tv and drink beer with.
  2. CJ Wilson
    He pitches baseballs of love into my heart.
  3. Idris Elba
    HAVE YOU SEEN LUTHER?! HAVE YOU EVER LIVED?! Him and Alice... I get so warm.
  4. Matt Kemp
    Can't support the Dodgers or Padres, but I can support Matt Kemp in his field of dreams.
  5. Aziz Ansari
    The "sexy" Master of None scenes. Also he's smart and funny, and Tom Haverford is amazing.
  6. Maybe awkward because he's on List. But.... dude makes me FLUSTERED. I don't care if he's dressed as a clown or being a douche on Ballers (have you watched Ballers? I don't even like football and I love Ballers), he's fiiiiiiiine.
  7. Scott Callaway
    From Income Property on HGTV. Canadian. Builds shit. Arms. Cares about getting you the best rent for your income property.
  8. Mike Colter
    Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are SO FUN TO WATCH.
  9. Jamie Dornan
    Not because of 50 shades. Have you watched The Fall? Sure, he's a serial killer and all but he's so good at it!
  10. Reid Scott
    Veep is the best show of all time.
  11. Jason Manzouktas
    Heynongman! His voice alone is too much. He's brilliant and hilarious and I love his white Oxford shirts.
  12. Jason Mamoa
    I guess I'm into the Jasons.
  13. Mark Duplass
    The League, Togetherness, Mindy Project.... My heart.
  14. Eka Darville
    Malcom is a social worker on Jessica Jones... Can't argue with my social worker love.
  15. Bokeem Woodbine
    He plays such a bad guy on this season of Fargo! Why am I so into it?! Mike Milligan is so confident. Maybe that's it.
  16. Patrick Wilson
    Deputy Solverson. Such a nice guy. Good husband. Great dad. Also PW was good in that one episode of Girls.