Bingo with people who visit Disneyland.
  1. Teens in heavy sweatshirts even though it's 80 outside.
  2. Yelling dads
  3. Poorly behaved asshole kids
  4. Well behaved angel kids
  5. Families wearing matching shirts
  6. Guide dogs
  7. Old lady who stands so close to you that you can feel her judging eyes staring at the back of your head
  8. Kid wearing a Spider-Man costume
  9. Kid wearing a Sponge Bob shirt
  10. Attractive gay men
  11. Group of high school kids who smell awful
  12. Small woman who is alone eating a corn dog and laughing at a duck
    It me
  13. Grandma
  14. A couple who is VERY into Nightmare Before Christmas
  15. John Stamos
  16. Woman wearing stilettos and cocktail dress
  17. Ducks
  18. Someone dressed as a Minion
  19. An amorphous figure that reeks of body odor
  20. Literal newborns