I have always had long, strange, imaginative dreams. I love them. But I find that only people who have strange/funny dreams appreciate listening to the dreams of others. So, for those who appreciate them, here are some I've had. Note: I try write them down as soon as I wake up and I apparently have NO TIME for proper grammar! Please forgive me.
  1. Just a couple months ago:
    I had a dream that there was a spider in my bathroom holding something yellow and when I looked really closely with a magnifying glass the spider was actually a tiny gorilla eating a banana. It was just wakling back and forth eating the banana.
  2. Dream 2
    A girl was being held captive by nice group of people, but she was afraid. They needed food. Egyptian type place. Panned out beyond their place, creature covered in tiny sand colored rocks. Sneaking around a column. Duel happening between ninja type thing and big Viking type man. Look right and bustling market was there with not much fresh food. Upwards there was a hidden market with cheese and fruit and bread and eggs.
  3. Dream 2.1
    People found out and started ransacking but then it was being invaded by really bad insect creatures so they had to run. Two people ran to the nice group holding the girl captive, they were safe behind a gate. They got lots of food from the people.
  4. Dream 3
    Driving through a wealthy gated community that had its own Disneyland. At the biggest house they were having a party and this lady was giving out the best cupcakes ever. I walked through the house with a cupcake and looked at all the pretty rooms and decorations. Then it became a hunger games dream and i was one of the main people that people wanted as an ally but I got hurt early on.
  5. Dream 3.1
    The gated community had this forest area that was on a hill and I dreamt about that place a couple weeks ago, although this time it was a cemetery. Last time there was a portal to heaven at the top.
  6. Dream 4
    I was a cast member on snl, there was a reunion in the woods. Played a game, took a group pic, will farrel said he was annoyed with me. Passed around face paint, jimmy Fallon laughed with me
  7. Dream 5
    Went into woods after meeting with a group, thought about turning into wolf and wanted to but needed to meet someone so hawk instead. Flew around in a dogs territory and remembered a time when it bit me because i was in his territory, could feel its teeth, flew low to the ground to go unnoticed, around the back of a neighborhood to the meeting. Inner dialogue, didn't like to fly low or meet at that place (under a overpass by a creek) but had to.
  8. Dream 5.1
    Late to meeting with 5 goth looking people. Back to human but very powerful still. A guys shirt said 'Vegas' I made fun of him and he said 'hey we are just here to protect our client ' they left to their trucks. The clients came they were in kids bodies but not kids, wanted something that I could get them. Woke up.
  9. Dream 6
    Downton Abby, walked to edge of property long red railroad. Train went across property followed on horseback with another girl. Stopped, lady was not trustworthy but tricked other girl into laying down horse. Had to calm the horses, looked into their eyes, the lady drove over them with the train and killed them. I ran after train and got on. Was one of many in the top portion of the car, sort of conductor.
  10. Dream 6.1
    Looked down, lots of passengers, snuck into that part to not get caught. Got off train, in south America. Walked around, i forget some of this part. went into little Cafe bought food for me and others. Some currency was bugles (the food). Ate alone but talked to the cafe owner. Had coffee, asked if there were any other cheap food places around, she didn't really know.
  11. Dream 6.2
    Said goodbye and a bunch of people came in with artifacts to display at cafe, one Samoan man with a big drum/statue. Went down the road, narrow with stairs. Got to a restaurant super fancy, everyone in white, I looked inside, no one noticed me but it was too expensive to eat there, I didn't mind but I liked that place, I smiled and looked at the name of it "Clairmoynt" with blues and pinks and yellows. Went to nearest stairs, a mother and her children were there.
  12. If you made it that far, you're a trooper.