Celebrity alpaca farmer @combatdavey and I started a podcast last week. We just released the second episode. The following is a list of reasons you should listen to it.
  1. We talk about books.
  2. We discuss the tomfoolery of sixth grade teachers.
  3. I talk about my love for historical fiction.
  4. Dave talks about how he loves the Hardy Boys.
  5. We join all the characters in a great big helicopter in the sky.
  6. Go have a listen!
  7. iTunes
    Old Me by Dave Jaffer, Emily Losey https://itun.es/us/mL-6db.c
  8. Stitcher
  9. Libsyn
  10. If you like it, subscribe and maybe give us a rating and review! We really want a piece of that New & Noteworthy action.
    @shanaz @tombatten @TQ did and we love them a lot.