I'm just a girl in this world who sometimes loves to indulge in beauty products.
  1. Bare Minerals: Stroke of Light
    It's a concealer/ under eye brightener. Most of the time this is the only face makeup I wear! If I'm going out I'll do foundation but in my everyday life I don't. $22 and it lasts me 4-5 months.
  2. Make Up For Ever: Smokey Extravagant Mascara
    I kind of have a lot of mascaras. Still in search for the perfect one. This one is close to perfect! I love the soft brush, and the volume it gives my lashes. It's kind of pricey at $24, but I got a sample one time and that lasted forever so the large one should too!
  3. Ulta brand Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette
    It's $20, but I got two for this price! The other is a gold palette. I like them both because there's shimmery shadows on top, but then no shimmer on bottom. I'm not a huge shimmer girl but I like to add them in sometimes. Also, I use one of the shadows to fill in my brows because I'm lazy and don't want to buy brow powder.
  4. Nars: Orgasm Blush
    $30 but I don't even know how long I've had this stuff. Years probably. I usually switch between this and a lower key, no shimmer blush. But if I'm going out I definitely use this one. You don't need much, and it's easy to blend.
  5. Mac: Bronzing Powder
    Real talk, I inherited a shit ton of Mac products from my brother when he stopped doing drag shows. I wasn't ever a huge fan except for their Studio Fix foundation, but I love this bronzer. In the $25-$30 range, but I've had it for a loooong time.
  6. Mac: Studio Fix Foundation
    Mac is not good for your face!! But, I really love this stuff. It's FULL coverage. When I was younger I wore it every damn day because I hated my skin. As I've gotten older and have an established skin care routine, I don't wear the full coverage, heavy foundations anymore. But if I needed it, I have it. And when I wear it I love it. I also like that it has 15spf. $27, lasts a while.
  7. Covergirl: Lashblast Volume Mascara
    Another mascara I use, it's good, I like it. But it runs out very quickly and I'm not a huge fan of the brush. I just love the formula, and it's pretty cheap ($6-$8).
  8. Burt's Bees: Lip Balm
    Is this even a beauty product? It's such a necessity to me. I always know where my 177272 tubes are but if I can't find one I want to cry.
  9. Oribe: Dry Texture Spray
    This. Is. Pricey. I finally splurged on a mini bottle that was $22 and I use it a few times a week. The full bottle is $45. But you guys, it's so wonderful. It adds volume without making your hair gross, and it smells amazing!
  10. Dermalogica: Medibac Skin Clearing Wash
    I started using Dermalogica a few years ago and I love it. This face wash is mild but really does keep skin clear. I use this twice a day. In the evening I wash, tone with tea tree oil (just a drop on a cotton ball and then dilute with water- it's too strong without water), then follow with the Medibac overnight gel. It's pricey, but worth every penny because it keeps my skin healthy. $50 for a 32oz bottle, lasts about 6 months.
  11. Dermalogica: Overnight Skin Clearing Gel
    Again, this is also very expensive for how small it is. $49 for 1.7 oz, lasts longer than 6 months though. And it WORKS. This product significantly reduced my breakouts.
  12. Trader Joe's Tea Tree Oil
    Such a good toner! Like I said earlier, I put a small dab of it on a cotton ball then dilute with a little bit of water. $6
  13. Lumene: Bright Now day cream, SPF15
    Smells good, not too heavy, has SPF, $20. Lasts a long time. I used to use Origins Ginzing Moisturizer but it didn't have SPF and wasn't giving me the moisture my face needed.
  14. Coconut oil!!
    I use coconut oil as my eye makeup remover. It's great.