@manda and I felt left out for not signing up so we made our own gift exchange. Just two ladies, who don't know each other, exchanging heartfelt gifts. 👯
  1. Anything from where you live!
  2. Also mugs.
    I have a burgeoning collection and I want MOAR.
  3. Beauty stuff!
    Ok maybe I'm copying you but I also love this stuff! I have a draft of products I love, I'll try to publish soon.
  4. Nail polish!
    I love OPI's oxblood colors.
  5. Hand colored coloring page
    I'm really into adult coloring right now. Not like, NSFW, but coloring AS an adult. Actually, if it was NSFW that would be hilarious. Right up my alley.
  6. Your dog.
    Just for like, a week. Then I'd send him back.
  7. A playlist of your favorite songs!
    If you have Spotify I could follow it!
  8. Water
    CA is in such a drought! (Jkjk not water)
  9. A cute iPhone 5s phone cover
    Mine is breaking and it's so very sad.
  10. Anything funny.
  11. A scarf!
    I love them!
  12. Cute home shit
    I love it! Target always has the best cheap stuff!