Inspired by @biz
  1. Constantly feel all of the pain, injustice, and sadness of the world. Let it really sink into your pores. Like, it may ruin you. Except it doesn't because you're resilient and strong.
  2. Make absolutely awful jokes about the pain of the world to other humans who get that this is how you cope with shit (social workers have a disgusting sense of humor and I'm proud of that).
  3. Have the same therapist for 7 years. Believe her when she says to stop worrying, but forget to remember to stop worrying.
  4. Be fiercely loyal to those you love. Realize that you only truly love a handful of people, but you will forever be their biggest cheerleader.
  5. Recognize at 26 that what the world sees as selfish is actually doing what you need to do in order to be a healthy human being. Let go of people who judge you for that, or expect you to be someone who you aren't. You tried that, and it nearly killed you.
  6. Bonus: Overthink everything, say sorry to inanimate objects if you run into them, mouth "what the fuck?" at least 20 times a day.