Why are these things still happening?
  1. Why do I still break out?
    Does this ever end? Sometimes my face is amazing for months on end. I've got a great skincare routine. But then... Once in a while.... BAM, acne all over the place.
  2. Why do I still feel like it's weird that I can drive?
    Coming up on my 11 year driving anniversary. But sometimes I'm driving and think, "This is normal. I'm allowed to be doing this. This is just what many adults do, they drive. It's very normal." All while feeling like it's actually not normal and I'm still 14.
  3. Why do I still freak out a little when I go to a bar/buy alcohol?
    "Yep, this is my drivers license. As you can see, I am allowed to drive AND buy alcohol. I am not a teenager who is pretending to be an adult. This is normal. I am very cool."
  4. Why I do still feel like being out and about during a week day is a special privilege?
    When I was a kid, the only time I was out and about on a week day was 1) Summer time, 2) after the dentist when my mom would buy me a frosty from Wendy's, 3) when I pretended to be sick and stayed home from school but my mom had to run errands 😎. So when I'm doing this on a week day now I think, "Hah! I've really made it now!"
  5. Why do I still feel like I'm tricking people when I buy a ticket for an R rated movie?
    Yep, just an adult woman wanting to see an adult movie. Not a child. Not a teen. An adult woman.