I'm a really anxious person
  1. Why are you so awful?
    You're the worst kind of person. This applies to bad drivers.
  2. No, stop looking at me.
    That's unnecessary please stop
  3. Where is a private bathroom?
    Because it's hard for me when it's not a single stall private bathroom.
  4. I'm supposed to be here!
    Sir! Ma'am!
  5. For the love of sweet baby North West, walk faster.
    You're not 100 years old, let's keep it to a faster pace than this
  6. Why are you talking on your phone rn?!
    This is not the time nor place
  7. Are you lost?
    Because I know the area and really could help. This is genuine. Most of the time people just ask me because I look like a friendly mom or child
  8. The line is over here buddy boy!
    You can't just walk up to the register like that! There are rules!
  9. Will Amanda Bynes be okay?
    Will she?
  10. That's more than 10 items!
    This is a civilized country, please stop promoting anarchy!
  11. Why aren't you in school, child?!
    Go to school! M-F daytime is for adults!