I've never claimed to be perfect!
  1. Sending emails without the proper attachments.
    "Here are my stats for this month!! Have a good weekend!" DOESN'T ATTACH ANYTHING 😑
  2. Cursing in public.
    Wash my mouth out with soap please. If there are only adults around, whatever. But if I curse then see a child I want to dig myself a hole and live there for always.
  3. Not knowing where to stand in lines.
    "Oh, it's over there? Haha right, I've been standing over here. That's funny. I never know where the fuck I should stand! Oh shit, sorry......😞"
  4. At least 4 APA mistakes on every paper.
    HAAAAALP, my APA is weak!
  5. I tell people I'm free when I'm actually not.
  6. "Enjoy your movie!" "Thanks, you too!"
    I am not fit for public.
  7. Packing a bag to spend some time somewhere...
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    Then getting there and realizing I've packed nothing of substance. Good thing I have 15 pairs of underwear and 4 skirts and 6 pairs of pants, but ONE SHIRT.
  8. Realizing what I'm wearing is see through.
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    Can I just live for once in my life?!