Sometimes you need a light list on a Friday evening. I love shoes, I have too many. Here are the shoes I wear regularly. Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Steve Madden wedges
    I can run a mile in these. I accidentally spilled an entire beer on them once and need to get them cleaned or replaced. But who has time for that?
  2. These are from Target because I am who I am
  3. These wedges
  4. Shoemint: Lane
    I love these
  5. Black pumps!
  6. These ratty old Converse
  7. Periwinkle Mary Janes
  8. Shoemint: I forget the name
    Definitely in my top favorite shoes
  9. Teal Vans
    I used to serve in these so they are super worn in, and dirty. But I can't quit them.
  10. Red Vans
    The only shoes I wear to Angels games ⚾️⚾️⚾️
  11. Nike Free
    Almost always wearing these
  12. Blue slip on Vans
    Splattered with anti-mold paint
  13. Plain black flats