Inspired by @ladyboss
  1. Podcasts
    Copied directly from @ladyboss basically. I am a loyal podcast fan and listen to them more than I listen to music.
  2. Water
    Always hydrated AF
  3. Washing my face before bed
    When I was younger I could just go to sleep without washing my face, no negative repercussions. Now, I would feel like shit if I didn't. So, every night I do my routine.
  4. Fruit
    Specifically berries minus blackberries because the seeds are too much to deal with.
  5. Cuddles
  6. Deep breathing
  7. Listing
    This app has been tremendous for my health
  8. Alone time
  9. Laughing
    Huge thing for me
  10. My thirst for knowledge
  11. Coffee
  12. The sun
  13. Holding hands
  14. One on one conversations
    At a coffee shop, at a party, in a bed
  15. Lavender smells
  16. Lemon smells
  17. You're the Worst
  18. The ocean the ocean the ocean the ocean the ocean the ocean
  19. Making people laugh
  20. Complimenting others
  21. Comedy
    Shows, podcasts, writing etc.
  22. Drinking good wine with good people while sitting around a kitchen table and having good conversation
  23. Always buying lemonade from a lemonade stand run by kids
    I made this a life rule a few years ago.