As requested by @erikaaa, my real life friend.
  1. Monday morning.
    My nanny job is 10 minutes away from my house. I don't wear make up for them. I mainly wear sweats. Elementary school kids don't care what I look like in the morning. In fact, if I looked put together they would ask why I'm so dressed up.
  2. I'm a dreamer, so my alarm usually wakes me up from a weird dream that was probably about being in high school but not knowing my class schedule.
  3. Alarm: 6:00am. Please kill me.
  4. Turn off alarm, think that there's no way that 6:00am is the time I need to wake up, even though it has been on MWFs for 3 years.
  5. With one eye open, I check all the medias plus email.
  6. 6:05am
    Still in bed, wanting to cry, counting the hours until I can sleep again.
  7. 6:08am
    Get out of bed, put clothes on that I've laid out the night before.
  8. 6:10am
    Brush my teeth, wash my face, put in my contacts
  9. 6:14am
    Just kind of stand in the bathroom for a minute or two, very out of it. Maybe pee.
  10. 6:16am
    Put on my shoes, struggle to find my purse.
  11. 6:18am
    Drive to work. Get mad at the stoplights for taking forever to change.
  12. 6:30am
    Get to work.
  13. 6:31am
    Small talk with the mom or dad I work for. Get the lowdown for the day.
  14. 6:35am
    Say goodbye to them, sit on the couch, kind of fall back asleep.
  15. 7:00am
    Wake the kids up, thus starting their morning routine.
  16. If it's the weekend I wake up anywhere between 9:00 and 11:30.
    I lay in bed for at least 45 minutes, then make coffee while listening to a podcast. I usually eat breakfast around lunchtime. I love the weekend.