Alternate title: fellow white people, stop pretending that bad things do not exist.
  1. FIRST, read this. Read it all, or at least the numbered points.
  2. When you choose to remain silent about a hard issue, you are choosing to tell those who the issue is directly impacting that you do not care.
    That's called apathy.
  3. Yes, you get to decide what you see and do not see, what you hear and what you do not hear. You can live in your own bubble. But you get that because you have immense privilege.
    Your whiteness gives you a whole lot of privilege. And with that, you can pretend that certain things don't exist. But guess what? That kind of makes you an asshole.
  4. Those who are impacted daily by racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ablism etc. cannot ignore these issues. Because they live it.
  5. I've seen a lot of lists about how List has gotten "angry" or "dark". Or how these lists "corrupt your safe space" (seriously, what the fuck?).
    Those are terms that misogynists and racists use when they don't like something. Also, the world doesn't revolve around you.
  6. You can continue to use list in the way you want, without negating experiences or silencing voices that have been silenced for centuries.
  7. No one is saying that you are bad for being white.
    They are saying that you inherently benefit from being white. Yes, you may personally work hard. Yes, your family may have had hardships. Those things have nothing to do with white privilege.
  8. The world is really uncomfortable. We grow when we are uncomfortable. We become better when we listen to voices that don't sound like our own.
    It would be nice to live in an echo chamber 👀 (lol no it wouldn't). But we can't. That's fucking ridiculous.
  9. Just, be better.
    Be better. Learn something new. You will grow from it.
  10. Or, y'all can mute or block me for corrupting your safe white space!😎👋🏼
  11. PS everyone who lists about the negative lists and being sad about them is Veruca Salt.
    And c'mon, everyone hates Veruca Salt.