1. Fake it til you make it.
  2. You already asked them to repeat themselves 5 times, just giggle and say uh huh. Everyone does that.
  3. You can say your Rs now Emily, you aren't 6 anymore.
  4. Just because you're small doesn't mean you're not sexy.
  5. Just walk like a normal human, because that's what you are.
  6. Ignore their conversation, Emily. Resist the urge to go up and yell "boooooooooooo" and throw popcorn at them. You don't even have popcorn with you.
  7. Okay, it's clear that this person doesn't remember you. It's ok! It's totally fine that you remember what they were wearing 4 years ago when you guys talked about Lysistrata at that party.
  8. Sure, this guy is taking 100 minutes to order his coffee, but you're okay. You don't need to boo and throw popcorn. You don't have popcorn. You never have popcorn, why do you always imagine throwing popcorn at people while boo-ing them?