Even though it makes zero sense.
  1. Lawyer
    And eventually a judge so I could get shit done.
  2. OB/GYN that provides abortion services
    Hugely passionate about abortion rights. Like, slightly scary about it. I'm trying to draft a list about my zero patience for anti-choice rhetoric that isn't so...abrasive? That's not the right word.
  3. Baker
    Must be nice just to bake, and own a little bakery that sells good coffee. And have regulars that come in everyday, and have flour in my hair sometimes, and open at 6am and close at 3pm. Okay this is heaven.
  4. Comedian
    Most realistic and likely.
  5. Librarian
    Just be in a quiet library all day and get my Dewy Decimal System on...mmmmmm.
  6. Photo Journalist
    What I wanted to be all throughout high school. Travel plus people plus capturing both? Mhm.
  7. Writer of YA fiction
    I feel like I could spit out a decent YA book in a month, apparently I'm very confident.