1. This one made me laugh. Had to screenshot.
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  2. This is from Saturday night (Halloween) when my friend pointed out that she made a sarcastic ghost cookie.
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    It took me a few times to get this shot because I was drunk and it was dark.
  3. Another Halloween shot
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    I was Elaine Benes
  4. My niece and nephew
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    He didn't want to take pictures, she thought that was hilarious
  5. Ugh. Ninth grade winter formal.
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    Why did ANYONE allow this clown make up? It was professionally done! I can't believe my mom paid for that!
  6. Screenshot of the pres being so cute
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  7. Murder mystery shot!
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  8. Memes make the world go 'round
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  9. The baby I watch was sick and tired of breakfast
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  10. I went on a cruise a couple months ago.
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    Here's a random pic from it!
  11. A picture from a survey that I'm using for my masters thesis
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    The world is a sad place
  12. From 4th of July
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    The progression of pics during a firework show on my street. Apparently I became possessed, my friends thought it was funny and made a collage
  13. Playing with my nephew
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  14. My great great grandpa
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  15. No idea why I have this
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  16. A bruise I had. Good thing I took a picture of it
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  17. Me on my 25th birthday. I liked my new lipstick!
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  18. Notes on a presentation I have to give tonight in class.
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  19. A screenshot of NPH and his husband to prove how hot they are. 🔥
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  20. Lastly: my brother after his kidney surgery. I told him to do this so I could send it to our sister.
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    We love flipping each other off