1. This one made me laugh. Had to screenshot.
  2. This is from Saturday night (Halloween) when my friend pointed out that she made a sarcastic ghost cookie.
    It took me a few times to get this shot because I was drunk and it was dark.
  3. Another Halloween shot
    I was Elaine Benes
  4. My niece and nephew
    He didn't want to take pictures, she thought that was hilarious
  5. Ugh. Ninth grade winter formal.
    Why did ANYONE allow this clown make up? It was professionally done! I can't believe my mom paid for that!
  6. Screenshot of the pres being so cute
  7. Murder mystery shot!
  8. Memes make the world go 'round
  9. The baby I watch was sick and tired of breakfast
  10. I went on a cruise a couple months ago.
    Here's a random pic from it!
  11. A picture from a survey that I'm using for my masters thesis
    The world is a sad place
  12. From 4th of July
    The progression of pics during a firework show on my street. Apparently I became possessed, my friends thought it was funny and made a collage
  13. Playing with my nephew
  14. My great great grandpa
  15. No idea why I have this
  16. A bruise I had. Good thing I took a picture of it
  17. Me on my 25th birthday. I liked my new lipstick!
  18. Notes on a presentation I have to give tonight in class.
  19. A screenshot of NPH and his husband to prove how hot they are. 🔥
  20. Lastly: my brother after his kidney surgery. I told him to do this so I could send it to our sister.
    We love flipping each other off